Our Story

BYC Invest & Co SPRL (BICS)

Here To Help You Thrive

For more than 10 years, we’ve worked with business people, private persons, colleges, universities, and research centers to empower students and busineses around the world.

Our team is highly experienced in the finance trade to be able to discuss with you the importance of loans. A personal loan is money borrowed by an individual for personal use. There are no restrictions for purchases or limitations. Contact us to discuss more details.

Improve Our Communities

We invest in non-profit organizations, private and personal businesses that turn our communities into better places to live and work.

We serve more than 33,455 clients in last 10 years
You can use our form to request up to $800,000 for Personal loan.
We helped 11,000+ students to carry their study all over the world.
Our loan start from affordable 2% interest rate.

Our team

M. Christine Kelley

Loan Manager

A. Yves Jabea

Loan Manager

Amanda Schalyo

Loan Manager